Dare to Fall in Love with Yourself

Blean-based relationship expert and workshop facilitator, Jan Day - whose work features in the recently published memoir With The Kisses Of His Mouth by Orange Prize short-listed author, Monique Roffey who attended many of Jan's workshops and was coached by her - is bringing one of her introductory weekends to High House in Canterbury on Oct 8th and 9th.

Called Being In Love, Jan will encourage you to fall in love with yourself. "When you love yourself, you are more available to others," says Jan. "I remember one participant who was truly shocked in a good way by an initial exercise. She said she'd never experienced a woman saying 'No' in such a heartfelt way to a man, and equally never witnessed a man saying 'Sorry' to a woman in such a loving way either. This can be profoundly healing for people. Ultimately, it helps them to be more alive and also more self-accepting. It's also important to say that it's open for everyone, not just people who've been to workshops before."

Basically, Jan invites participants to befriend their less comfortable emotions like fear, sadness, anger and longing so that they can have a more peaceful, self-accepting life. "You can heal wounds, " she says, "and bring yourself more into the present." Paul, a recent participant, says that afterwards he found a way to express difficult feelings to a woman friend. "I think there is an advantage to this sort of group in that it gets to the nub of the matter, faster than one to one work. When it was over, I was able to talk my truth to a woman friend in a much clearer, loving way than I had managed before, which felt like a breakthrough." Meanwhile Sara who had worked in marketing, had just reached a crossroads when she did the course. "I'd just taken a redundancy package from my corporate job, split up with my longterm partner and given up hope of having children. So I was really looking for a new way of living. I found space for my tears and realised how much I didn't value or nourish myself. It was a very profound experience and the beginning of a different way of living for me."

Being In Love Oct 8/9th & Inviting Intimacy Nov 26/27th in Canterbury. More information email jan @janday.com, or ring for a chat on 02081239831 or www.janday.com

Opening to love is the power that transforms lives ...
"This has been an experience of being more truthfully myself. I've learned what love is, love for myself and love for others" Jemma